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My last post celebrated Paul Signac’s glorious Blessing of the Tuna Fleet at Groix, a puzzle of which I completed not long ago, however long ago it feels.

One thing that made this experience special were the pieces, jigsawed into many shapes and betraying the minute detail that Signac lavished on his work. You can see details in my last post, and here are a few isolated shots that give a small feeling of what it was like as I worked on the puzzle (click to enlarge):

Click the image on the left and take a close look. Which piece do you find the most fascinating? The one that heightens your respect for Signac’s skill? Vote now!

Yes, this post was named after this song by Peter & Gordon. It has one of my favorite openings ever, and apparently was banned for a time after 9/11. We’re not the only decade that knows strange times.



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